I have found that not only my project has a lot of stupid bugs with more unexpected fixes, but also some well known products like Visual Studio.

Today I tried to install VS2010 RC on the XP system. Before that I had Beta 1 installed, but now it requires Service Pack 3.
So I installed Service Pack 3, deinstalled Beta 1 and was expecting to install VS2010 RC without any pain.

But what happen was interesting:

Installation process runs… and then just dies without explanations.
Playing with it I’ve got this
Error message:
To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program. Name: Suite Integration Toolkit Executable

I searched over the internet how to fix this. And I found it:
Go to input languages settings and do the next for each input language you have:

I could not imagine that someone is able to guess such strange fix itself. :)

Of course there are explanations here and here.

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