I just want to ask my self if I’m still on the track. Accordingly to my 7th point in the list of “Things you need to remember to become successful developer” I need to have revision of what I’m doing.
This is year list:
1. Get MCTS, MCPD.
I’m out. Why? Because I was to lazy to schedule exam and learn something. I do not think that MCTS could be big problem for me. Just need week for learning.
2. Read 24 book.
I’m on. Read 3 books in 2 months… almost as desired.
3. Become known employee in my company.
I’m on and out. I did few presentations, but I think that need more. Will try to get something tomorrow.
4. Familiarize with Java and contribute research and development work to Kohonen Map.
I’m on regarding of Java – wrote few GoF patterns on it.
I’m off the Kohonen Maps – will fix this.
5. Become Senior Developer
I’m on.
6. Improve English.
I’m on. Joining English courses.
7. Gather good capital and look for investments.
I’m still on (before marriage :) ) 1/3 of what I need for month are income like interest, and that is very good.
This is keep doing list:
1. Keep on learning.
I’m on.
2. Establish what your goal is
I’m on.
3. Every challenge is opportunity
I’m on and off.
4. Be positively charged
Getting better with this.
5. Find a mentor.
I have such.
6. Be more public
Search google me, hope will get more than 700 results.
7. Do you gym
I’m completely out. I need fix this 100%, either I’ll be dead before get to the goal.
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