Oh! Yet another training kit on Microsoft exam. This time it is Windows Forms Application Development (exam 505).
It was extremely boring to read this book.

Book talks on different Windows Forms related stuff. From the beginning it tries to teach me how to create simple forms app and add controls to it, but hey with my experience developing applications it is too boring. In advanced WinForms controls it talks on ListBox, TreeView, CheckBoxes and so on :) After so complex things it leads me to ADO.NET and how to work with connection Strings and how to even read data from DataReader. In advanced topics on Windows Forms Development it talks on how to create MDI application. OMG, i knew how to do them on my 3rd year in university. In asynchronous operations it talks on how I can use BackgroundWorker and even what is Thread and how to synchronize two of them. Maybe the most interested chapter was Deployment, at least because I never really used it either at work or in university.

But you know what is the most funny about all of this? – Possibility that I will not pass this exam. Why? – Because these entry ms exams are kind of exams for con. It require simple knowing of names of classes and functions. But on other hand I understand, that they couldn’t make it different.

You just need to read this kit to pass this exam, almost no way to do it different.
I understand that if you have no experience working with Windows Forms book could bring lot of value for you. For example, do you know how to create not rectangular button or how to print documents programmatically.

Fact that I read this book means only one – which I’m going to schedule exam for next Friday and spend my evenings trying tests from book, and maybe MeasureUp. Also researching over internet how to prepare myself fot it.

So, wish me good luck on passing this exam.

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