Hello, as many of you know yesterday I spoke to NHibernate at local .NET User Group.

I won 20 beers, because we’ve got > 30 attendees

It was group’s 4-th meeting and it went extremely well. Above 40 people participated and for me it was biggest audience I ever had to talk to during one hour or so. For another speaker – Derik Whittaker – I’m sure that this is not biggest audience he had, but maybe the biggest foreign language speaking audience. If I’m wrong please correct me.

Audience asked questions

People were asking me lot of questions and I tried to answer quickly and easily, but keeping in mind that I should continue and be in time, since it is bad practice to overtime speech.

I asked questions

To my own surprise flow of delivering this presentation was so smooth and harmonic with audience. Asking people simple questions, making them shaking their hands and keeping attention, because maybe another time I’ll ask exactly someone from them.

I’m proud for my presentation skills

From day to day I become better in my ability to talk easily to technical audience. This time I’ve got the most sophisticated audience I ever had. They all had good experience working on different projects. So it was not like talking to university guys, who are very “green” in their understanding of technology and how things should look like.

Presentation itself

You could take a look at my presentation below.

View more presentations from Andriy Buday.

Not enough time to finish my second demo

For my second demo I allocated about 20 minutes, but it turned out, that I got about 10 and also talking to it and coding takes longer than sitting with my own keyboard and typing it at light speed. So sorry guys for not showing what I planned there.
What was planned and I did not show is: demoing lazy loading, chasing, complex Criteria API, and maybe the interesting – implementing own UnitOfWork and NHibernate repositories, approaches to build domain model with NHibernate.
BTW: I’m also going to have another blog post on NHibernate itself.

Really looking forward to get your feedback! Please leave your comments!

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