I’ve been writing e-mail to my co-workers, notifying them about changes I did in sprint backlog. Then I switched to people avaliability and continued about complaining why do we allocate only 6 hours per day for tasks and then did unexpected – shared my thoughts on being result oriented.


[Something about my changes…
complains-complains-complains- sorry could not share them – complains-complains-complains – complains looks like “we have X hour for this and that where then other Y go?”]
I understand what you may think about me after this, but root of our being behind the schedule is our attitude to work.
I would like to see sprint backlog populated with tasks we really do and fulfilled to meet our allocation per day.

If we are agile team, that want to meet project success, why don’t everyone commit himself equally with others.
If we are professionals who what to achieve career picks and earn something valuable for our lives we need to be result oriented.

All my complains above could be discounted if we all want make customer happy and get it DONE. I want! And you?

Looking forward to hear from you?

Now I think about the consequences that my e-mail will bring. Indeed it looks like I’m too concerned about my project or either I’m emotional, since complained about those things.

Really would like to hear from you about your opinion on this.

I’m complaing bitch
I do not understand that people have other life priorities
I’m too young
I’m bad team worker, I need to start playing from other side
I should become lazy :)
This will have:
Good consequences and they will like my e-mail
Bad consequences and will simply make barrier between me and them

Please share other variants, that is really something, I’m interested in to hear from you, readers!

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