I listen to few tech podcasts, which talk on programming. I fill with them my time, when getting to the work or traveling somewhere. So no time lost :) Also except of getting good valuable information I sharpen my English. For folk who it trying to reach success in software development it is very important.

So here is my list of podcasts I listen to. Please note, it will not be comprehensive list of podcasts, since I do not listen to all. If you want to see more comprehensive list proceed with this link where Scott Hanselman mentioned his list along with links to lists of other folks.

This is amazing podcast. Besides it brings great content it is also very fun stuff. Carl and Richard talk easily, they interview lot of interesting people. These guys might be surprised that someone wrote “.NET ROCKS” on his body being in mountains far from in Ukraine…

Continuation of the list (I might add more comments in future):

Hearding code
Deep Fried Bytes
Software engineering radio
Elegant Code
Chanel 9

This Developers Life

Let me know which of the listed you also listen and which would you recommend for me.

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