Few days ago I started survey about improvements to Developers Meetings inside of my team, but I also announced it to anyone who can be interested in this via twitter and blog.

Top areas of interest are:

  1. *Foundations like WCF, WPF, WWF and huge parts of .NET development like WinPhone
  2. Design Patterns either Gof, Enterprise or not commonly known
  3. Core .NET (concurrency, memory, security)
  4. New features coming in .NET

 More details:

Top voted topics are:

  1. Enterprise Design Patterns
  2. WCF
  3. Gof Design Patterns with live code
  4. Estimation
  5. Refactoring
  6. TDD

My thoughts on top topics:

Because I’m not expert in Enterprise Design Pattern, it would take time for me to have some presentation on it. Either I will ask one of my colleges, who already read  “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture“.

I just scheduled Developers Meeting on WCF for my team, and I see this to be “getting started” meeting where I’m going to talk about main concepts and basic usages. I’m going to implement some funny example.

Regarding GoF Design Patters with live code, that should be very easy for me. I already have a whole bunch of different examples on my blog, so I can use them and talk on them. I expect to have junior stuff on those meetings. I would like to train my capabilities in coaching.

Estimation should be meeting where I would like to talk around Fowler’s estimation deadly sins.

Refactoring could be divided in many meetings, like core refactorings but with live code and also “refactoring to patterns”

TDD – no slides. I remember when we had presentation on TDD for devs and it was with slides. I think that is the worst way to explain TDD. Yeah, might be that it is good to show flow diagram, but I vote for code.


Improvements section:

What is the most interesting about improvements is that people would like to see more real code. Hm, this should mean that either people are tired because of my simple “hello world” examples, or either they are very interesting in how we can use those things withing complex project, and maybe they are right, because “hello world” examples could be found easily over internet.

Details on improvements:

Also as you can see we’ve got 3 comments on improvements. First one says to view presentations before meeting. I would agree with this, but maybe I will work on more detailed agendas, which will be sent exactly before meeting. Please let me know if this is ok.

I’m really looking forward to provide lot of interesting information to my co-workers and work along with them to build solid and very knowledgeable base for our growth.

Will appreciate if you would share your thoughts on this results and thank you very much for participating in survey!

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