So, last week I was asked to talk on the Domain-Driven Design for the whole company. I was really pleasant for being asked for this and not vice versa. Often guys schedule such meeting because they need it to fill-in one of the requirements for the promotion. (Ok, I delivered many presentation, and some of them were counted as Company-Wide).
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Tuesday, Presentation for Main Office

Whole night before presentation I spent reading some awesome articles on DDD and really enjoyed it. That leaded to 4 hours of sleep. Also I took some anti-cold medicine with paracetamol, like on the picture below:

Rule of the presenter, you probably have never heard about:

  • Sleep well before you presentation day OR be double-triple prepared
  • Never-never take medicine that plays some role on human psychological properties

I was losing control while delivering presentation. That is complete crap, you cannot imagine. In the middle of presentation I did not even know what happened few moments ago and I was needed to overplay pretending that I see slides for the first time. It was hard to talk and I tried to play more with audience. Was really nice that I got one or few really knowledgeable attendees who knew everything.

Feedback that I got from this office is like 4.5 out of 5, in details my knowledge of topic and presenting was ok, but something was not really up to their expectations.

I would like to mention about guys who were very kind and took me to the Main Office in 15 minutes after I left English class. I appreciate this very much. Thank you!

Wednesday, Presentation for Dev Centers

Next day almost in the evening (6:30 pm) I had to provide presentation to dev centers through phone connection. This time I was sitting in char and was relaxed, so it was easy to speak. But it is quite hard to keep contact with the audience. They all were in different cities. What is going on in Sevastopol, and does Rivne hear me well.

Did not get official feedback from them. None voted :(

Thursday, Presentation for Lviv2 Office

This delivery was the best, since I by intent slept well and the whole atmosphere in the office is very familiar for me. Only one drawback – about 12 developers attended this session and I expected much more in Lviv2 office.
And feedback that I got here is just awesome. 5.0 out of 5.0. Rehearsing is really cool toy for speakers. Imagine, all my capabilities has improved in 2 days significantly in eyes of listeners, but in fact I did not even read any word about DDD in this time span.
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