I have few posts on learning English and its importance for software engineer. For example my article “English classes in outsourcing company” became very popular for some reason, at least feedburner states that it was viewed 130 times and I got some feedback from at least 4 people on that post.

This post is also about English but this time it is very short. I just want to recommend one of the English podcasts. It is called:

English as a Second Language Podcast

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few weeks and I would say that this is great and awesome tool to learn English and to understand lot of worlds usage deeply. I’m listening to it when getting to the work and back from it.

Ok, for example, do you know what does “to pimp the car” means? Ok let start with noun – “pimp”, which means bad guy who supervises prostitutes, but when we use it as verb it could literally mean to do what pimp does, but in application to car it means to add many different features to it and make it looking awesome or maybe not really awesome. You decide: Google search images

And that is not all – podcast just brings lot of interesting stuff you may learn to better understand not only English but USA as well, also differences between British and USA English.

Guys, from ESLPOD thank you very much!!!

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