I guess all bloggers know about such things as Google Analytics and Feedburner. But if you are not blogger, in few words those are statistics engines analyzing site’s visits. I’m keeping eye on statistics and here just want to share some information and thank you all.

Here is where from you all guys are:


Just another more deterministic representation of the same information:


Sadly, but I turned on Google Analytics only in the end of this summer, so pictures above do not represent whole life-time of my blog.

But feedburner states following about my Subscribers:

I have 30 readers on average for the whole time of existing of this blog. Most recent average numbers are near 50.


Also accordingly to feedburner I have:

  • 4,940 views of 97 items
  • 3,008 clicks back to the site on 105 items

Also I have 256 comments.

All of this shows me that my blog is getting more popular and it continues paying me back…

Thank you all guys for interest in this blog. I will do my best to keep it up and running by posting high quality content and the most needed information to help us reach success in this epoch of software development.
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