imageSo accordingly to my Career Plan for Software Engineer, I want to pass some Microsoft exams. Next one (see end of 2010) is 70-503 – WCF. Which I already scheduled for 26th November.
Now few words about book itself. It indeed covers all core of WCF and huge set of WCF features/usages. What I liked is explanation of various bindings/enumerations/settings because they are showed in structured order. Yeah, from some point of view it is boring to read tables describing some of the features, but now I know that I can refer to this book as to good catalog of all WCF features.
I’ve been working with WCF for about 1 year or so, but did not understand all in depth. First of all the most difficult was to keep an eye on all that complex configuration on server and client for whole bunch of our services. But now I see that if I would have read this book before I would have much better understanding of things and would be more efficient in configuring and implementing services.
I’m also planning to perform second (first here) “developer’s meeting” for my team on features of WCF. This time it should be Advanced course. It might be difficult to talk about WCF in depth, because not all guys here work with it and it might require for them to try out basics at first, but I believe in them and in my capabilities to show all ready-cooked on the plate.
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