Today I performed meeting on WCF. It was continuation of this thread of meetings.

Couple of interesting facts about this presentation:

1) I started preparing at 3AM and continued doing this till actual presentation at 1 PM. (Yeah I of course responded to some of e-mails at work and did some other stuff, but anyway most time spent on preparation)

2) Also I want to my English teacher to forgive my absence on today’s English Lesson. Additional 1,5 hour really helped me. Guys, could you please ensure her that presentation cost all the money?

3) I took to much stuff to talk during 1 hour. Initially I prepared following list:

  • Basics overview
  • Sessions and Instances
  • Transactional Services
  • Concurrency
  • Security
  • Instrumentation
  • Most often troubles you might face using WCF

So I crossed some items, but it turned about that we had time only for two first items in bold.

Regardless of that many people, I’m sure, liked it very much.

4) I did a lot of coding during presentation, I hope guys liked this. Right?

5) I was forgetting about zooming and colors on projector. My bad.

6) There was not enough sit places for guys, many of them simply stand near the wall. Sorry for that. I hope managers will resolve this issue soon. He-he.

7) I kept them all interested in further presentation, since Security was not mentioned at all :-P

8) Main Links from this presentation:

9) You can go and download my presentation (I removed transactions to have something to show next time) using this link.

10) So mainly I talked on Sessions and Instances.

11) But, then I also talked on items listed below:

  • Throttling
  • Quotas
    • MaxReceivedMessageSize
    • ReaderQuotas
  • Demarcating
  • Instance Deactivation

12) Thank you!

Guys, I will appreciate your comments/suggestions/thoughts here!

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