I recent posts I mentioned that I read training kit for ms WCF exam. Of course I did this for some reason. I had this exam scheduled for yesterday as well as presentation on WCF for Thursday, which went extremely well. All that was scheduled because I decided to throw myself out of comfort zone. I now can ensure you that this approach indeed works. So, if you want to achieve something don’t hesitate – just go ahead and put some deadlines for yourself, and make them visible to others so this will be controlling your activity.

How did I prepare?

So I’m completely sure that positive result of this exam was guaranteed by my experience working with WCF. But anyway I read training kit, which brought many interesting aspects and some kind of hints for the exam. Third learning source (after experience and training kit) was MSDN and writing simple applications by my own. I do not like to use examples from training kit, also I found few mistakes in kit. Thursday’s presentation on WCF helped me as well, I strengthen my knowledge in transactions and instancing. Just before exam I tried MeasureUp demo test and got 6 out 6 – never got this at MeasureUp for other exams.

Passing Exam

Exam has 45 questions for 120 min. And I liked answering for them, since I faced dozen of questions related to what I do in my everyday work.

I PASSED EXAM with score 918, this means that I answered correctly on 41 questions. Woo hoo!

You can see my transcript using this information:
Transcript ID: 904316
Access Code: andriybuday

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