Here in Lviv we have awesome Java User Group and yesterday I had chance to speak there and again about DDD. So I probably have nothing to add about presentation itself. Presentation has only this icon on the top as a difference:


But I have something to add about the group itself and performance. Group is slightly different from .NET one. It is smaller – about 15 people were listening to me. But guys in group have much more solid experience in developing software. They all are in their late 20th and some in 30th I guess. They ask slightly another scope of questions. All of the them know how to build complex software and they know a lot of design patterns. That is why I guess listening about DDD was not something special and absolutely new for them, since I see DDD as some (new) set of (existing) design patterns and (existing) approaches to build software starting from model.

After my presentation, very enthusiastic person Zenyk talked about one of the approaches of using Amazon could. For me it was very interesting and exciting, since it was first time I’ve heard about more or less complete solutions based on many Amazon services.

BTW, Zenyk does great job on keeping software developers community site, all in Ukrainian:

Group is not sponsored by Oracle, as .NET group is sponsored by Microsoft. They do not have that many presents, but they do their best in keeping their own library of books.

Looking forward to hear from guys, who listened to me.

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