I had chance to speak at yet another Lviv .NET UG meeting. This time I spoke about Domain-Driven Design. It looks like people got interested in this topic.

You can read my feedback post about this event at Lviv .NET UG site by the link “Зустріч #7. Враження, враження, враження…” (it is in Ukrainian).

I will write almost the same here and add some own opinions, so it would be interested not only for those who doesn’t know Ukrainian, but for those who would like to hear my personal opinions.

How it was

It was really great that we’ve got more than 80 people registered for this event. And if company where we hosted this event would provide us with bigger meeting room, we would probably have over 50 near 60 people attending. So as you understand because there was lack of physical room some people just turned around and went home. Crap! I would love to have them all listening to me.

Getting Scrum

Event has two speakers, me and Igor Racyborynsky. Ihor talked about “Getting Scrum”. We all played scrum and formed following product backlog:


It was really interesting, at least not as usual presentation. But he has not covered all about the scrum and at least key concepts. Although it went extremely good.

Domain-Driven Design

I talked about Domain-Driven Design for the 5th time. Yeah! I even don’t need any time to get prepared.


It was late in the evening, so many people got tired, especially me talking over 1 hour bombarding with new and new terms and mentioning lot of information about known concepts and patterns.

This time I’ve got many different cool presents:

  1. Yet another VS2010 bag (exactly as one I already have)
  2. IE9 T-Shirt
  3. Pen and notebook

Do you know what I like about delivering presentation to huge audience? – I always get couple of people that are excited about my speech and interested in my. They then come and talk with me as I’m an expert. I feet bit scary and nervous to show that I’m not that cool :)


As usual we have small beer party in the end. This time it probably wasn’t that small. You decide:


Speaking at JUG about DDD

Today I was invited to Java User Group meeting to talk about DDD again. Thank you guys.

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