That happened! Passing this exam was the main stone on my road to MCPD Enterprise.

How did I prepare?

I already mentioned that I prepared as usual by reading training kit. But this time I did most of the Labs, because I have really little experience in Web Development.

Honestly for me ASP revealed to be very simple for understanding and easy to work with. I guess because it intersects with other technologies and also because I have more or less good dev experience in other areas.

Also I did not concentrate on learning ASP.NET extremely well. We all know that nothing with ViewState and other aspects of it are now history. ASP MVC should be technology number one for learning web, but I had to pass this exam. Also understanding what is under MVC and from what it all started is good.

Passing Exam

Exam has 45 questions for about 3 hours. I hated answering them. They were long to read and extremely boring. I HATE THIS EXAM QUESTIONS. 2 screens of question is too much, it kills.

I PASSED EXAM with score 907, woot!

You can see my transcript using this information:
Transcript ID: 904316
Access Code: andriybuday

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