I attended English courses in my company for about 9 months. For this time I learnt a lot of new stuff, and revisited whole bunch of grammar. Also I slightly increased my vocabulary.

I’ve mentioned many times that English courses are very important for outsourcing company and for me particularly. I even described one of the lessons and recommended some activities to do to learn English.

  • I’ve finished courses with final test result of 92%.
  • My strong areas are: listening, speaking and vocabulary.
  • My weak areas are: grammar, translation.

So this is very good result, but unfortunately my average score is about 80%, so I might not be eligible for next free of charge course. But honestly I do not hurry for being English course’s student for another 9 months. It makes me tired… because I have to allocate additionally 4-5 hours per week and as usual I rob it from my sleep hours. I think that the next most needed thing for me is to practice more and more. Actually I even planned to find someone who would like to talk with me in English all the time. Not my girl – she is more German expert and weak in English, and not my best friend – he is too shy or smth..

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