Training Kit

imageSo I finally finished reading training kit for ADO.NET exam. It is easy to read book with many topics that you probably know or at least heard about if you are using .NET. But besides of standard topics on DataSets, Data Querying, LINQ there are few that represent much more interest at least for me. For me these are chapters about Synchronization Framework, Entity Framework and Data Services (REST). I read them with great pleasure. But unfortunately in book they are covered briefly. Also Data Services are not even included into exam questions. I would also say that unless you are going to pass 561 exam, don’t read this training kit, better find some good tutorials on each of the themes, use MSDN and try everything out.

Exam 70-561: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Application Development

I passed 70-561 exam with score 700 out of 1000 with needed 700 for passing. Yeah, that is damn near to failure. But what is also interest that the more I fill overconfident about the exam the worse score I get. Maybe that is why I failed WinForms for the first time, but passed ASP. Who knows.. This rule probably doesn’t apply to WCF exam. I was confident about it and passed with high score.

You can see my transcript using this information:
Transcript ID: 904316
Access Code: andriybuday

Nearest certification plans

My current certification situation is as following:
So I’m very close to my certification goal which is “MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5” and I already scheduled 565 exam for Friday Feb 18. As for preparation I really hope that couple of years of experience in Enterprise project are in help for me. Also I pick up “Microsoft Application Architecture Guide” for my reading. I read about first 30 pages and I’m impressed by this book. It is real glue. I like very much things that I read from very first pages. Will see how it goes and be ready for review next week. I believe it will be more comprehensive, since this is not kind of training kit book.
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