So far so good, I passed everything I planned to pass for the next 1.5 years. Take a look at the picture in career plan for software engineer blog post. I guess that I probably was afraid about learning ASP.NET. And as I passed everything sooner I can plan for more cool stuff, for instance starting my own small project or spend more time on personal life.

But here is just a little bit more on exam itself. I was ready for this exam not because of some books, training kits or anything else. It is all my experience. I extremely enjoyed passing this exam, you just apply your experience and common sense if you have it in software development of enterprise applications. Exam measures my understanding of designing application, its components, their testing, stabilizing, deployment, also choosing appropriate technologies. That is what I encounter often at work.



This is good plus to my CV and promotion strategy.

Exam 70-565: PRO: Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

I passed 70-565 exam with score 971 out of 1000. And this time exam questions just flattered to me. I liked them much. I believe that this is because they are not kind of questions where you have to know exact method signature. These are questions where you have to think and choose appropriate decision, and even more, they overlap a lot with questions I encountered in my experience.

You can see my transcript using this information:
Transcript ID: 904316
Access Code: andriybuday

Nearest certification plans

There is still one thing left. It is 4.0 .NET framework outside, not 3.5 so I’m looking for upgrade of the current certification. The best matching exam would be transition of my skills to MCPD 4.0 Windows Developer (70-521). At the moment I don’t have exact date for this exam, but it might be in 2-4 weeks.

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