Hello. Officially this is my 200th blog post.

In my “100th blog post” I wrote that blogging pays off and indeed it brought me many cool things, like knowledge, opportunities, also I became noticeable by others in my company.

In that hundred posts I finished my series on design patters. I prepared for being senior developer and became him. I delivered many presentations, including one big it-jam. I wrote few popular posts on career plan and interviews. I had many other not less interesting posts.

It took me 9 months to have those first 100 posts and now I see that next portion took me over year. Interesting… when will I get my 300th post. Would it take year, less, or more? I cannot answer, but I know that blogging started to be hard for me. Not because I don’t have things to blog about, but because I don’t stop myself for few moments to write about something. Almost each day I have some challenges at work, I can blog about. I read many interesting stuff, which I can try out and blog about. But I don’t.

I know, I know real blogger shouldn’t write such posts. And I wouldn’t even try to convince anyone that I’ve been very busy or something… I had lot of routine stuff that many people have all their life. I had nothing unusual but for some reason lost feeling of the road I’ve decided to take. Why did I?

I have disease – I often think that I will do the stuff later, maybe in the evening or tomorrow. And when I think so I do nothing next day. It is damn stupid habit. For the dozen of weeks I thought that I will post latest 2 design patterns, but I did not. Some time passed and I had them on my blog, but it was too hard.

Why do I think that I will do all the stuff tomorrow? It is not possible. There are guys at work that never think that way. They are so much responsible, they fill that cannot left working place until some good portion of their job is done. WTF? Why I don’t have such skill?

I probably didn’t read my blog for some long time! I need to! Here is something that gives me some advices on how I should proceed.

Where have I been? Nothing is going to be tomorrow if I do nothing today!


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