To be honest, for me this was the most exhausted reading since years. I started reading this book probably year or even more ago. Always coming back to it in hope that at some point of time it will grasp me into normal pace of reading, so I will be able to finish it. But it was not the case.

Though I finished the “Programming WCF Services”, I’m bit disappointed. I thought that the book will serve me with deep insight into advanced topics in easy to consume manner. Instead it jumped from extreme basics to intermediate and to advanced, but always with chunks of code, which were either boring or repeating or difficult to understand by simple reading. When I was about to try something out articles from internet were more helpful for me then code from book.

The book is good in what it does, but now I think about it more like about cookbook and not like about book you read from beginning to the end. It was my mistake to read it like that.

I feel myself comfortable with WCF. Reading this book was to strengthen my knowledge in WCF and to open tough things I didn’t know. I’m afraid that I did not met what I expected. Of course no one can remember all innumerous extension points or tricky security configuration or other wide range of stuff possible with WCF. Probably author of the book knows everything he wrote by heart. I wish I have super memory, but I often forget a lot of things I read about. Pity! If you know basics and understand core principles it should not be a problem to figure out what you need with couple of MSDN pages and some googling. I hope I will manage my further assignments even without knowing all possible combinations of configurations of WCF, even I look stupid not being able to shot people with immediate WCF solutions/answers/ideas.

One more lesson learned: It is better to play more with things you what to learn about than to obdurately read comprehensive book about those things.

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