Never heard of such book? Don’t panic, I’m here to help you understand if it worth your time or not.

So, last week I read “Being Geek” in hope that it will energize me and give some additional inspiration, which I’m lacking it in my new job, but this is topic for separate post.

I’m not completely sure if I’m any kind of geek, but the book describes people who share many similar habits to those I have and very likely many other developers have as well.

Michael takes you though one reincarnation of your gig from the beginning, when you are just passing an interview until the end, when you are considering to leave. He provides you with lot of hints and tips for any stage of your career, whenever it is negotiating of your salary, creating quality code or leading others.

I’m lucky that I’ve never heard about author’s blog “Rands in Repose” before, because otherwise I would not reap anything new accordingly to reviews on Amazon. I read this book in quick pace, as I usually like short essays talking about our developer’s job. I think that book has increased by baggage of understanding how developers see their profession, how real management should look like, and what are interactions between different types of people in software organization.

Author definitely has much more management experience than average developer has therefore his story is shifted towards company’s core – employees and their interaction. He helps to understand how organizations operate on higher level. I think that this is exactly what I’ve grasped from the book, and what you can also take for yourself.

Do I recommend the book? – Well, if you don’t read Lopp’s blog and if you like career and software craftsmanship books and if you don’t have any other higher priority books in mind, then yes. :)

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