A quick recap of year 2014

2014 didn’t turn to be forth life changing year in a row. I still have the same job and live in the same place. As I probably mentioned before, I’m working as subcontractor to International Atomic Energy Agency (UN associated organization). This year I’ve mostly done JavaScript and less of .NET. But I don’t mind. That is because JavaScript has its own beauty.

My daughter is now bit older and of course occupies a lot of my time. She needs more and more attention as she moves closer to being two years old. In her year and a half she already travelled more countries than her grandparents in their lives. 2014 was definitely a year of travel. We visited islands of Malta and Mallorca and I’m really glad that my daughter is fine with planes, because this means that we can have more distant trips in future. Of course we travelled by car all around Austria (Prague and other places in Chez Republic, Munich, Slovenia and Croatia, Poland, lots of Hungary, etc) and in Austria, mainly visiting public swimming pools, museums and having some outdoor activities.

Ukrainian independence day, August 24 2014

Picture taken at Ukrainian independence day celebration in Vienna, August 24 2014

It is fair to say that we tried to have each and every weekend somewhere outside. This of course had impact on what I could do to improve my professional skills outside of the work, which I didn’t do much except of reading few books.

There is one different thing that I started doing in 2014. I’m investing my money now. And not just bank deposits or mutual funds as I used to do, but the real thing – exploring equities and other instruments and buying then (for long). I’m planning to do more of this in 2015.

Plan for 2015

This is continuation of my year plan/report thread. I had similar plan for 2010, 2011, 2012, and for 2013. Completion of 2010 list was almost 100% successful, completion of 2011 list was less successful. 2012 list completion is somewhere in between. Both 2011 and 2012 greatly changed my life. Same was with the year 2013 and it was mostly successful. You can see above how my 2014 year went.

Last year I didn’t come up with new year’s resolution. Things didn’t go sideways because of that, but I had nothing to compare my achievements with. I think I will better have some simple list on what I’m planning and want to do.

  1. Travel to Iceland
  2. Travel the coast of Italy and do many other car trips
  3. Improve German by attending at least 1 course
  4. Improve English fluency and vocabulary by spending more time on learning words from read books
  5. Read 4 sci-fi books
  6. Read 13 software engineering books
  7. Read 13 investment books
  8. Start project with potential to make money
  9. Do programming in other languages than C# or JavaScript
  10. Take part in at least one programming contest
  11. Visit at least one conference (even small one)
  12. Write at least 26 blog posts
  13. Increase community visibility by contributing more on github, tweeting, commenting on blogs
  14. Improve health by exercising and attending swimming pool for at least 1 month
  15. Make at least 2015 euro profit on new investments in 2015

It is a bit late, but I wish you all


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