My name is Andriy Buday.

I’m a programmer, learner, traveler, father and a Ukrainian. I work for UN associated organization, namely the IAEA, in Vienna, Austria. I’ve been designing and implementing software solutions for over 9 years. I have spoken at user group events and I’ve written a free e-book on design patterns. This is my blog.

Andriy Buday IT-Jam 2010

Most of my posts are software development related, but I’m not strictly stick to any specific topic. Frequently there are book reviews or posts on success. It is quite rare that I post personal stuff, though it happens.

I’m quite ambitious, pragmatic and self-improving person. My goal is to become a successful developer and a millionaire in 41, to be frankly honest. I have a lot of ideas in my mind I want to make happen. One important thing: I’m not immortal and neither are you.  We cannot afford to do nothing and wait for manna from heaven. Just go for it!

“If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.” – I cannot agree more on this career advise.

Я також балакаю українською. Сам родом із Львівщини. Вчився і працював у Львові.

Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich wohne in Wien.


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Andriy Buday is a Software Developer. He’s been designing and implementing software solutions for the past 9 years. Andriy is open-minded community developer passionate about new technologies. He’s written a free e-book on design patterns for Ukrainian developers community and spoken at user group events. You can catch him online on his blog or just start following him on twitter @andriybuday.


The blog is sincerely concerned about the path to the Success for each of us, bright and open-minded programmers. I’ve even made a logo for this blog that just says “Developer’s Success”.

Developer's RoadMap To Success


Most of the posts here are .NET related. Some links to categories can be found here:
Some good stuff on .NET Concurrency
Have a lot on NHibernate
Managed Extensibility Framework
You might be interested in VS2010
Or IoC with StructureMap
Also I’m happy to try other languages like HaskellProlog, Erlang, Java, Clojure, Scala and many others. Of course I have JavaScript related posts.

Software Design

GoF Design Patterns table – will lead you to some examples of GoF design patterns explained in easy and fun way. I’ve polished those blog posts, translated to my native language and assembled into my first free e-book. You can download it from the site:
Of course that could not be it for software design topic. To find more use Design, CleanCode, DDD, SOA and other categories.

Book Reviews

I realize that reading books is a huge investment into self-improvement. Do you read books to succeed? I do. You can see my book review list using this link.


I’m keen on doing the best to exceed expectation, to improve myself, to improve others, to improve processes and to sell myself for a good money. I continuously work on all of this. Success is second biggest category after .NET. Just click on that tag and you will find a lot on career, personal improvements and on my personal achievements.

Start with things you need to become successful developer. Continue with Career Plan for Software Engineer. After discover more.


You are more than welcome to “Search” on the blog or explore the “Archive”.