I’m MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5

February 18, 2011 Certification, Success 3 comments

So far so good, I passed everything I planned to pass for the next 1.5 years. Take a look at the picture in career plan for software engineer blog post. I guess that I probably was afraid about learning ASP.NET. And as I passed everything sooner I can plan for more cool stuff, for instance starting my own small project or spend more time on personal life.

But here is just a little bit more on exam itself. I was ready for this exam not because of some books, training kits or anything else. It is all my experience. I extremely enjoyed passing this exam, you just apply your experience and common sense if you have it in software development of enterprise applications. Exam measures my understanding of designing application, its components, their testing, stabilizing, deployment, also choosing appropriate technologies. That is what I encounter often at work.



This is good plus to my CV and promotion strategy.

Exam 70-565: PRO: Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

I passed 70-565 exam with score 971 out of 1000. And this time exam questions just flattered to me. I liked them much. I believe that this is because they are not kind of questions where you have to know exact method signature. These are questions where you have to think and choose appropriate decision, and even more, they overlap a lot with questions I encountered in my experience.

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Nearest certification plans

There is still one thing left. It is 4.0 .NET framework outside, not 3.5 so I’m looking for upgrade of the current certification. The best matching exam would be transition of my skills to MCPD 4.0 Windows Developer (70-521). At the moment I don’t have exact date for this exam, but it might be in 2-4 weeks.


Book Review: “3.5–ADO.NET Training Kit” and passing 70-561 exam

February 10, 2011 Book Reviews, Certification, Success No comments

Training Kit

imageSo I finally finished reading training kit for ADO.NET exam. It is easy to read book with many topics that you probably know or at least heard about if you are using .NET. But besides of standard topics on DataSets, Data Querying, LINQ there are few that represent much more interest at least for me. For me these are chapters about Synchronization Framework, Entity Framework and Data Services (REST). I read them with great pleasure. But unfortunately in book they are covered briefly. Also Data Services are not even included into exam questions. I would also say that unless you are going to pass 561 exam, don’t read this training kit, better find some good tutorials on each of the themes, use MSDN and try everything out.

Exam 70-561: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Application Development

I passed 70-561 exam with score 700 out of 1000 with needed 700 for passing. Yeah, that is damn near to failure. But what is also interest that the more I fill overconfident about the exam the worse score I get. Maybe that is why I failed WinForms for the first time, but passed ASP. Who knows.. This rule probably doesn’t apply to WCF exam. I was confident about it and passed with high score.

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Nearest certification plans

My current certification situation is as following:
So I’m very close to my certification goal which is “MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5” and I already scheduled 565 exam for Friday Feb 18. As for preparation I really hope that couple of years of experience in Enterprise project are in help for me. Also I pick up “Microsoft Application Architecture Guide” for my reading. I read about first 30 pages and I’m impressed by this book. It is real glue. I like very much things that I read from very first pages. Will see how it goes and be ready for review next week. I believe it will be more comprehensive, since this is not kind of training kit book.

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70-562: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development – PASSED

January 21, 2011 Certification, Success 8 comments

That happened! Passing this exam was the main stone on my road to MCPD Enterprise.

How did I prepare?

I already mentioned that I prepared as usual by reading training kit. But this time I did most of the Labs, because I have really little experience in Web Development.

Honestly for me ASP revealed to be very simple for understanding and easy to work with. I guess because it intersects with other technologies and also because I have more or less good dev experience in other areas.

Also I did not concentrate on learning ASP.NET extremely well. We all know that nothing with ViewState and other aspects of it are now history. ASP MVC should be technology number one for learning web, but I had to pass this exam. Also understanding what is under MVC and from what it all started is good.

Passing Exam

Exam has 45 questions for about 3 hours. I hated answering them. They were long to read and extremely boring. I HATE THIS EXAM QUESTIONS. 2 screens of question is too much, it kills.

I PASSED EXAM with score 907, woot!

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Exam 73-503: TS: Windows Communication Foundation – PASSED

November 27, 2010 Certification, Success, WCF 3 comments

I recent posts I mentioned that I read training kit for ms WCF exam. Of course I did this for some reason. I had this exam scheduled for yesterday as well as presentation on WCF for Thursday, which went extremely well. All that was scheduled because I decided to throw myself out of comfort zone. I now can ensure you that this approach indeed works. So, if you want to achieve something don’t hesitate – just go ahead and put some deadlines for yourself, and make them visible to others so this will be controlling your activity.

How did I prepare?

So I’m completely sure that positive result of this exam was guaranteed by my experience working with WCF. But anyway I read training kit, which brought many interesting aspects and some kind of hints for the exam. Third learning source (after experience and training kit) was MSDN and writing simple applications by my own. I do not like to use examples from training kit, also I found few mistakes in kit. Thursday’s presentation on WCF helped me as well, I strengthen my knowledge in transactions and instancing. Just before exam I tried MeasureUp demo test and got 6 out 6 – never got this at MeasureUp for other exams.

Passing Exam

Exam has 45 questions for 120 min. And I liked answering for them, since I faced dozen of questions related to what I do in my everyday work.

I PASSED EXAM with score 918, this means that I answered correctly on 41 questions. Woo hoo!

You can see my transcript using this information:
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Book Review: MCTS exam 70-503 Windows Communication Foundation Training Kit

November 14, 2010 Book Reviews, Certification, WCF No comments

imageSo accordingly to my Career Plan for Software Engineer, I want to pass some Microsoft exams. Next one (see end of 2010) is 70-503 – WCF. Which I already scheduled for 26th November.
Now few words about book itself. It indeed covers all core of WCF and huge set of WCF features/usages. What I liked is explanation of various bindings/enumerations/settings because they are showed in structured order. Yeah, from some point of view it is boring to read tables describing some of the features, but now I know that I can refer to this book as to good catalog of all WCF features.
I’ve been working with WCF for about 1 year or so, but did not understand all in depth. First of all the most difficult was to keep an eye on all that complex configuration on server and client for whole bunch of our services. But now I see that if I would have read this book before I would have much better understanding of things and would be more efficient in configuring and implementing services.
I’m also planning to perform second (first here) “developer’s meeting” for my team on features of WCF. This time it should be Advanced course. It might be difficult to talk about WCF in depth, because not all guys here work with it and it might require for them to try out basics at first, but I believe in them and in my capabilities to show all ready-cooked on the plate.

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Abiliton PRO Certified

August 7, 2010 Certification, Success 4 comments

Yesterday my company officially started new certification model, called Abiliton PRO. It was announced much earlier, but rewarding first portion of best company’s people happened only yesterday.

What is Abiliton?

Abiliton™ is a strategic methodology for software development lifecycle management, invented by SoftServe. Abiliton is a fully optimized approach to software development that incorporates a
superior framework of services and solutions to deliver maximum value
with each and every project. It is focused on selecting and employing the most talented and bright professionals, this way company can ensure clients that projects will be done in time and with best quality that can be provided.

Who are Abiliton PRO People?

It is clear that success of any software company depends on its employees and their growth. By rewarding the best of them company emphasizes knowledge and working capabilities of the employees in any area.

What does Abiliton PRO certificate require?

It is some set of requirements, which include your performance and knowledge. Performance is measured by regular Performance Appraisals, which include different areas to be evaluated, starting from your communication with client or within team, your result orientation, etc.  finishing with applying your knowledge to daily work, like how are you in applying OOD or do you write high quality code. Knowledge, except of internal knowledge evaluations and performance appraisal, is ensured by external certificate. For example, Microsoft’s or Sun’s, or any else that are applicable to your position. This means that even Project Managers have there external certifications.

The rewarding event

President of company started his speech emphasizing why we gathered and what is the intent of rewarding. Also other guys congratulated us, after that we had some drink.

Here is me holding my certificate:

And close look at certificate itself:

Currently this certificate is requirement to get promotion. They say that they create more clear path for growing. Yes, and no. Many co-workers are complaining about that, and I understand them. Now it is required to commit extra effort in getting external certificates, but hey, guys, that is not so much difficult.

Honestly, I love to be recognized, and that is also part of my year goal and another mile stone on Developer’s RoadMap To Success. Why shouldn’t I love this? Everyone wants to be recognized and I would like to see people around who show desire to grow.


Exam 70-505: TS: Windows Forms Application Development – PASSED

August 1, 2010 Career, Certification, Success No comments

I already wrote some posts on certification, where I mentioned why do I need certification and which value does it bring to me. After those posts I almost have nothing to add.

But maybe few things…

How 70-505 differs from 70-536? Questions in 505 are not so wide and after passing 536 + reading training kit it is much easier to pass this one.

How did I prepare? As I mentioned in one of my blog posts, I read training kit on 505 exam. Reading was boring. Taking into account that I already have strength experience working with WinForms it was ridiculous to read about some things like adding controls or something like that. But anyway I found some stuff interested for me. Also I did some research over internet on how other passed this exam. Not enough information exist about this one. Maybe because it is not very popular.
Also I worked on training tests, including demo test on MeasureUp.

Passing Exam

As you see preparation looks very similar to what I had for my 536 exam but I was still worrying about passing exam, since I already failed it. That time I even did not read training kit and was sure in passing exam.

As I was afraid to fail it once again, while testing I was really concentrated on questions and. I PASSED EXAM with score 1000, this means that I answered correctly on all 40 questions. It was really surprising and is pleasure for me.

You can see my transcript using this information:
Transcript ID: 904316
Access Code: andriybuday

Effect on Career

In post It is time to get Microsoft Certification, I wrote that certification is important for my career growth. Actually in few words my company has schema that defines conditions to be eligible for promoting to the next level.

Here is my current status:

As you can see, I satisfy all conditions for being Senior.
I have just perfect Performance and it was noticed by my managers, also I worked in my company near 2.5 years (looks like this condition is bonus for me, since now it should be 3+ years), also my English is now evaluated as Upper-Intermediate, I did dozen of presentations, and finally I got that certification.

So what is left? – Knowledge Evaluation.

Knowledge Evaluation is meeting when guru guys bombard me with questions to ensure that I’m competent in areas, which are already defined somewhere in requirements. So my next step is to find out my weak areas and get better with them, so I will have more balanced knowledge. I now feel that in some areas I’m competent but some are still very weak, because I do not have experience working with them. You can expect that soon you will see posts on themes I do not know well, but I try hard to figure out them for myself and for you. Hope they will be interested for you!

Please let me know your thoughts on this post.

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