Few bestowals

July 17, 2010 LvivNetUserGroup, Personal 4 comments

Being software developer is often pleasure, except of money it sometimes could even bring gifts.

VS 2010 Bag I’ve got at 3rd Lviv .Net User Group meeting. This bag isn’t really of good quality, but it brings me pleasure to use it, since now Visual Studio 2010 covers my back :)

Working Effectively with Legacy Code came to me from USA and I’m really looking forward to read it soon. It looks that this is going to be my first non-electronic book in English that I will read full-length.

Book on Silverlight 4 (also got at Lviv .Net UG) isn’t something that I hurry to read, because I’m sure that I will start with articles on Silverlight when I’ll get to it.


How I taught my sister to accumulate some money

June 27, 2010 InfluenceOnPeople, Personal No comments

Yesterday I’ve been in parents home and I had conversation with my youngest sister. I have two of them. She was complaining about her MP3 player, she said that I have much better one and her is completely out of battery and she could not listen to music even longer than hour. Also she continued saying that it was cheap player and that is the reason why it is useless.

She always gets some money from me. I do not say that give her much money. Sometimes 20, sometimes 50, rarely 100 (those are Ukrainian hryvnias). And I do not like how she spends it, so I’ve decided to have a test with her. I asked her following: “How much money do you have now?” “60 hryvnia” – she said. Then I asked how she wants to spend them. She said that she wants roller-skates. Ok, then I followed with questions that brought to her mind and if she will not spend money this month she will get 120 next month or much more. Finally we went to the 1400 next year, but ONLY if she will not spend them on different useless things and if she will not buy rollers. She admitted that if she will stop spending money on crap she will get “rich” in her understanding .

After that I asked question: “Decide now, you either give me your 60 hryvnias and my MP3 is yours, or either you keep them for future!” She tried to avoid direct answer, but I gave her firm offer. Finally she came to me and said, that she will keep money. I praised her and with words “Keep in mind that sometimes right decisions bring your much more than you expect” I gifted her with MP3.

She was so surprised and with shining face ran to my parents saying that she gained MP3 and that is because she is smart girl. I’m sure that if we had no have that conversation before she most likely chose MP3 instead of keeping money.

I think this is simple example how you could show others that some things are good. So you basically change her mind, then you examine her and if she admits your ideas praise her (This will happen most likely, because now she thinks that this is part of her thoughts). In this way you will keep lesson in her mind for some evident time.

P/S Why have I posted this? With my future career growth I will have to be good on managing people. That is why time-to-time you will see such blog posts. But be calm, my blog is still tech blog unless I’m manager.

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Happy Birthday to you, Natali!

March 24, 2010 Personal 2 comments

Today is the birthday of my girlfriend.


Her friends made her a present – nice T-Shirt where she is with me. Take a look:

Not sure if it is possible to see me there on picture, but believe I’m there.

I wasn’t so much original, so I gave her flowers:

Currently she is most often reader of my blog than others, not sure if blog itself make any sense to her, but truth is truth.