My First Presentation in a New Company

August 5, 2012 DevMeeting, Presentation, Success 2 comments

A long time passed since I’ve delivered a technical presentation. Mainly because I now live in another country and establishing myself in a new company.

Well “establishing” is loudly said. I’m just software developer. Probably it worth to write separate post on my experiences in this company, since it is very much different from one I worked in Ukraine and I’m sure from most other companies there. I think I had much better perspectives as speaker before I moved (at least those short-term perspectives).

I talked about OData protocol, starting with introduction (read blog posts OData and OData service with WCF and data in memory) and finishing with its applicability to a project we do. Thanks to this presentation I crossed some imaginary mental barrier to more frequent presentations and sharing knowledge, something that I like, and something that I started to take solid steps back in Ukraine.

Now I’m starting it from the beginning.

Presentation I delivered was rather not official and only team wide. It was first I ever delivered in English, so I was limited in number of language tricks which I can use, and probably it impacted quality. Also I didn’t want to make it look like I’m smart-ass, thus I used pace and tone of a normal working meeting. Well, to be honest, I even didn’t know how to behave in this new environment. But from what I see guys liked my presentation, so this gives me a bright spark of enthusiasm to continue sharing interesting stuff.

There are few pitfalls with continuing, some of them pleasing. For example, developers here on average are more experienced and it would be more difficult to surprise them with something. It means that I would need to prepare more in depth topics, which of course requires more time to prepare. But, in the end, it is great that I work with more experienced programmers than me. On the other hand, I’m afraid that most of guys I know here are not willing to spend their spare time to form or join some community of software developers, and I can understand them.

Since I already mentioned about community, I have some ideas about organizing something cool here in Vienna/Austria, for foreigner developers, like me. Will blog about it soon.


My talk at #kievaltnet about NHibernate internals

December 4, 2011 Conferences, NHibernate, Presentation, Success 2 comments

Friday I’ve been in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. At the beginning of the day me with my wife visited couple of shops to buy some special things my wife makes. And than we went to have a good sit in small restaurant till 7 PM. I had to finish up my presentation…
Recently I’ve mentioned that I will be speaking at Kiev ALT.NET. So this post is about it.


Kiev ALT.NET is great group of smart people willing to learn interesting things in .net but maybe from deeper standpoint than standard .net user groups do. I’ve been having good conversations in twitter with @chaliy and once we met at UnetaPlus in Kharkiv where he invited me as speaker to the @kievaltnet. Peliminary we agreed on something about NHibernate.

The topic

I knew that I have to prepare something interesting on NHibernate. But what? There are dozen of articles on it, there are many videos available. Topic just came itself. You might know that I’ve been working with NH for long time already and that I’ve written something similar to ORM so I decided that getting some insight into NHibernate’s guts would be really interesting.

Presentation delivery

So before 7 PM I got to the Ciklum office (building on the left). Landscapes from the 20th floor are astonishing, especially at night.
Not sure if I was enough prepared, but at least I felt that guys were listening to me very-very attentively. Some of them twitted simultaneously (@alexbeletsky, @skalinets, @korneliuk) and had good laugh. At least I invented term “swiss breakpoint” (aka. conditional breakpoint with cross).
More photos can be seen on facebook’s page here of the Kiev ALT.NET group.
Also I tried to joke much, but it didn’t go as well as I expected it to, guess because of sleepless night and general tiredness. Also I spoke with accent (as per them o_O. Never thought I have any kind of accent of my native language).

Presentation itself

View more presentations from Andriy Buday.
I would like to thank all guys, who came to listen to me and other presenters. Thanks for having me at Kiev ALT.NET. It had been great time and I would like to be there once again despite reason (to speak or to listen).


Delivering presentation w/o eye-contact sucks

August 29, 2011 Presentation No comments

On Thursday 18 August I delivered presentation on Software Estimation. Mainly I went thought the agenda that more-or-less matches contents of the book “Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art”, as I found it covering most of the main aspects of the estimation. I prepared a lot of interesting stories and analogies to explain stuff and presented that with great dedication… but… my audience was connected on the phone (except of two in room with me) and we did not have web cam (our IT dep. failure)… so… it really sucked.

I simply cannot know if they accept words and jokes I produce, thus I cannot understand if I have do adjust my speech. Also it is not possible to know if audience gets information easily or it goes hard. Asking audience different questions and getting response from them is also hard. Much more conversation was going between me and two people in meeting room. Long story short, when there is no visual feedback presenting information makes me, as presenter, frustrated. Of course it is not secret that it is important to have eye-contact with audience, I just wanted to complain a bit.

Ok, as we live in bureaucracy and connected world, there was feedback – filled survey. And you know what? It s***ed again – I got only 3 records in survey, even they are very positive (except complains on work of IT) it means only one thing – my audience didn’t admire the presentation. I won’t be surprised if 2 of 3 responses are from guys listening to me in the meeting room.

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DevMeeting: WCF–Advanced-1

November 25, 2010 DevMeeting, Presentation, PublicTalks, WCF 2 comments


Today I performed meeting on WCF. It was continuation of this thread of meetings.

Couple of interesting facts about this presentation:

1) I started preparing at 3AM and continued doing this till actual presentation at 1 PM. (Yeah I of course responded to some of e-mails at work and did some other stuff, but anyway most time spent on preparation)

2) Also I want to my English teacher to forgive my absence on today’s English Lesson. Additional 1,5 hour really helped me. Guys, could you please ensure her that presentation cost all the money?

3) I took to much stuff to talk during 1 hour. Initially I prepared following list:

  • Basics overview
  • Sessions and Instances
  • Transactional Services
  • Concurrency
  • Security
  • Instrumentation
  • Most often troubles you might face using WCF

So I crossed some items, but it turned about that we had time only for two first items in bold.

Regardless of that many people, I’m sure, liked it very much.

4) I did a lot of coding during presentation, I hope guys liked this. Right?

5) I was forgetting about zooming and colors on projector. My bad.

6) There was not enough sit places for guys, many of them simply stand near the wall. Sorry for that. I hope managers will resolve this issue soon. He-he.

7) I kept them all interested in further presentation, since Security was not mentioned at all :-P

8) Main Links from this presentation:

9) You can go and download my presentation (I removed transactions to have something to show next time) using this link.

10) So mainly I talked on Sessions and Instances.

11) But, then I also talked on items listed below:

  • Throttling
  • Quotas
    • MaxReceivedMessageSize
    • ReaderQuotas
  • Demarcating
  • Instance Deactivation

12) Thank you!

Guys, I will appreciate your comments/suggestions/thoughts here!


My Company-Wide presentation on Domain-Driven Design

September 14, 2010 DDD, Presentation, PublicTalks No comments

So, last week I was asked to talk on the Domain-Driven Design for the whole company. I was really pleasant for being asked for this and not vice versa. Often guys schedule such meeting because they need it to fill-in one of the requirements for the promotion. (Ok, I delivered many presentation, and some of them were counted as Company-Wide).
View more presentations from Andriy Buday

Tuesday, Presentation for Main Office

Whole night before presentation I spent reading some awesome articles on DDD and really enjoyed it. That leaded to 4 hours of sleep. Also I took some anti-cold medicine with paracetamol, like on the picture below:

Rule of the presenter, you probably have never heard about:

  • Sleep well before you presentation day OR be double-triple prepared
  • Never-never take medicine that plays some role on human psychological properties

I was losing control while delivering presentation. That is complete crap, you cannot imagine. In the middle of presentation I did not even know what happened few moments ago and I was needed to overplay pretending that I see slides for the first time. It was hard to talk and I tried to play more with audience. Was really nice that I got one or few really knowledgeable attendees who knew everything.

Feedback that I got from this office is like 4.5 out of 5, in details my knowledge of topic and presenting was ok, but something was not really up to their expectations.

I would like to mention about guys who were very kind and took me to the Main Office in 15 minutes after I left English class. I appreciate this very much. Thank you!

Wednesday, Presentation for Dev Centers

Next day almost in the evening (6:30 pm) I had to provide presentation to dev centers through phone connection. This time I was sitting in char and was relaxed, so it was easy to speak. But it is quite hard to keep contact with the audience. They all were in different cities. What is going on in Sevastopol, and does Rivne hear me well.

Did not get official feedback from them. None voted :(

Thursday, Presentation for Lviv2 Office

This delivery was the best, since I by intent slept well and the whole atmosphere in the office is very familiar for me. Only one drawback – about 12 developers attended this session and I expected much more in Lviv2 office.
And feedback that I got here is just awesome. 5.0 out of 5.0. Rehearsing is really cool toy for speakers. Imagine, all my capabilities has improved in 2 days significantly in eyes of listeners, but in fact I did not even read any word about DDD in this time span.

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IT-Jam 2010 Kharkiv

September 13, 2010 IT-Jam, MEF, Presentation, PublicTalks 4 comments

So, that have happened: I visited Kharkiv and I spoke on Managed Extensibility Framework at IT-Jam conference.


So the whole conference was divided into many sections in which of them Speakers, like me, talked on different stuff. Sections were: (.NET), (Databases, Management), (Mobile, WEB), (PHP, QA) and they were located on 3rd floor (see picture below).

(Yeah! Really lot of Open Space)

Except of the regular speeches in Open Space sections, there was a huge showroom, were Guru, as they call them, were talking:

As I read from other blog posts this year it was first year, when IT-Jam had separate section for .NET and I should be proved that I took part in it.

So the agenda for .NET section:

  • Viacheslav Agafonov – Visual Studio 2010 new features,tips and tricks
  • Dmitriy Maleev – Parallel extentions in .NET 4.0
  • Andriy Buday – Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Krakovetskiy Aleksandr – Building rich data-driven applications with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  • Andrey Kasha – Data Visualization in Silverlight
  • Sergey Lytai – Performance Silverlight application on Windows Phone 7
  • Roman Yakimovich – Web-projects competitive analysis: cheap and cheerful

My presentation

Since I was speaker I did not leave my .NET section till my delivery, so I listened to Viacheslav and Dima. Both presented very well. Dima made the whole public laughing by using jokes with mentioning Kharkiv’s governor and organizers of the IT-Jam.

My time. I plugged in proector and it turned out, that my resolution has significantly decreased. Was needed to move to “Full Screen” mode in VS and making sure that other tools I’m using fit well. My presentation was more about writing code then about showing slides and talking around them.

Here is presentation itself:

View more presentations from Andriy Buday.

In first demo I wrote ever simplest console application, you probably saw in many introduction videos on MEF.
Second demo was dedicated to demonstrate features of the MEF, like Laziness, Recomposition, Metadata. So I built simple WPF (maybe my second WPF app, after VS plugin) and plugin functionality. Each plugin was able to provide simple string. Here I mentioned one of the teachers on first courses in Lviv University. She used to write “Hellow Word!” :) on the board. So I was needed to implement new version of plugin (Metadata) and reload it (with Recomposition, for example). Guys, who studied there do you remember?

In the end I got many-many questions. It was just question-storm. Wow! I really liked it. Just presenting is very simple, but being able to answer for all questions is something where you should be additional prepared.

Parts Lifetime Question

There was one question where I answered not completely correctly. Question was: “Does CompositionContainer keep references to the parts it clued together.” I answered that yes. But correct answer is not that trivial. MEF is smart enough to keep references only to things that are shared and do not implement IDisposable. You can read in details here. I hope that guy will take a look at my blog and will get correct answer. I really worry about my reputation as public speaker.

As I counted up to 70 people were listening to me and this is the biggest audience I ever had. Hope that number of readers of my blog will increase. Cannot check it right now, since I’m now in train and out of any acceptable connection.


Thanks to organizers everything was on the top of people expectations. They managed to host 1200 attendees and make everyone happy. Plus to organizing conference they prepared free food everywhere and party for the evening. They made IT-Jam awesome kick-ass cool event!


Next day I had great time in Kharkiv, I will probably put link [here] to the blog post of my girlfriend very soon. Really enjoyed its monuments (except of “red star” kind), a lot of fountains, great zoo, cable way and other see-sights.


Speaking on MEF at the IT-Jam, Kharkiv

September 9, 2010 Events, MEF, Presentation 5 comments

I’ll be speaking in Open Space Discussion at IT-Jam in Kharkiv this weekend.

So here is the road I will have to take to get there:

For some reason Ukrainian flights are way-way to expensive and therefor not acceptable by most of the people here. Even more this infrastructure is not really developed to be able to provide good services.
That is why I will have to spend 18 hours only for one way trip (>1000 km). At least I’ll have few friends with me and paper book to read.

Since it is far from Lviv and event is only for one day I’ve decided to stay there for one additional day and go out sightseeing.

Aha, almost forgot, I’ll be speaking on MEF:

After I’m back I will definitely post something about this event.