I’m still a student, but I already started to work for one really dedicated company. The company made me very pragmatic. I found that there are people who want to get to the success and there are others who are not so keen to work hard.

I’m not one of those lazy and goalless guys. After reading a couple of books on success (Robert Kiosaki, Bodo Scheffer, Napoleon Hill) and after realizing that at the same moment my company started to develop our own certification model for Developers, I found a target for myself in my life.

When employee gets a promotion, usually there was hard word toward it. And this is what I got to do in the middle of Spring 2009. I was promoted to Intermediate Developer, after working 11 months as Junior Developer.

My next target is to became Senior Developer before I get my Master Diploma. You could say that my company is unwise if it will promote you or that my University is bad as it allows me to work at the time when I’m studying. What I would say is: I’m pragmatic and this is my way to Success, so I will broke any wall you will put on my way.

First purpose of this blogging is to have place where I can put my Developer founds, investigations, thoughts on different technologies, etc.

Second purpose it to help you in your findings over Internet. I know that google knows all, but  google doesn’t know things that only particular persons discovered and did not post it somewhere. I will be posting my founds so google will know more.

I hope this will help you and me!