Last week I’ve failed in organizing internal “Code & Beer” event.

So what I did was just short invite stating that I will be there after working day and whoever wants can come and join. I bought some beer and snacks and mentioned about this as well. At least it should have been a good reason for some to join.

Idea behind this was to learn some new concepts from functional programming, which day-to-day language doesn’t support or encourage explicitly.

As I try to introduce myself to some of the programming languages (including functional), I thought it would be wonderful idea to do this in circle of people who share same attitude to programming.
I didn’t have high expectation to number of attendees. I thought that maybe 5 will join, but even less came. A good dozen of people who promised that they will attend had good excuses. 2 people is not enough for effective code & beer session. Not enough laugh and not enough diversity. But no one of us wasted our time, not sure about those who didn’t join though.

I tried small and it went even smaller, maybe if I try bigger it will be at least small? Who knows. But I’m afraid that there is not enough interested developers in my company so it should be something behind company’s walls.