So, that have happened: I visited Kharkiv and I spoke on Managed Extensibility Framework at IT-Jam conference.


So the whole conference was divided into many sections in which of them Speakers, like me, talked on different stuff. Sections were: (.NET), (Databases, Management), (Mobile, WEB), (PHP, QA) and they were located on 3rd floor (see picture below).

(Yeah! Really lot of Open Space)

Except of the regular speeches in Open Space sections, there was a huge showroom, were Guru, as they call them, were talking:

As I read from other blog posts this year it was first year, when IT-Jam had separate section for .NET and I should be proved that I took part in it.

So the agenda for .NET section:

  • Viacheslav Agafonov – Visual Studio 2010 new features,tips and tricks
  • Dmitriy Maleev – Parallel extentions in .NET 4.0
  • Andriy Buday – Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Krakovetskiy Aleksandr – Building rich data-driven applications with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  • Andrey Kasha – Data Visualization in Silverlight
  • Sergey Lytai – Performance Silverlight application on Windows Phone 7
  • Roman Yakimovich – Web-projects competitive analysis: cheap and cheerful

My presentation

Since I was speaker I did not leave my .NET section till my delivery, so I listened to Viacheslav and Dima. Both presented very well. Dima made the whole public laughing by using jokes with mentioning Kharkiv’s governor and organizers of the IT-Jam.

My time. I plugged in proector and it turned out, that my resolution has significantly decreased. Was needed to move to “Full Screen” mode in VS and making sure that other tools I’m using fit well. My presentation was more about writing code then about showing slides and talking around them.

Here is presentation itself:

View more presentations from Andriy Buday.

In first demo I wrote ever simplest console application, you probably saw in many introduction videos on MEF.
Second demo was dedicated to demonstrate features of the MEF, like Laziness, Recomposition, Metadata. So I built simple WPF (maybe my second WPF app, after VS plugin) and plugin functionality. Each plugin was able to provide simple string. Here I mentioned one of the teachers on first courses in Lviv University. She used to write “Hellow Word!” :) on the board. So I was needed to implement new version of plugin (Metadata) and reload it (with Recomposition, for example). Guys, who studied there do you remember?

In the end I got many-many questions. It was just question-storm. Wow! I really liked it. Just presenting is very simple, but being able to answer for all questions is something where you should be additional prepared.

Parts Lifetime Question

There was one question where I answered not completely correctly. Question was: “Does CompositionContainer keep references to the parts it clued together.” I answered that yes. But correct answer is not that trivial. MEF is smart enough to keep references only to things that are shared and do not implement IDisposable. You can read in details here. I hope that guy will take a look at my blog and will get correct answer. I really worry about my reputation as public speaker.

As I counted up to 70 people were listening to me and this is the biggest audience I ever had. Hope that number of readers of my blog will increase. Cannot check it right now, since I’m now in train and out of any acceptable connection.


Thanks to organizers everything was on the top of people expectations. They managed to host 1200 attendees and make everyone happy. Plus to organizing conference they prepared free food everywhere and party for the evening. They made IT-Jam awesome kick-ass cool event!


Next day I had great time in Kharkiv, I will probably put link [here] to the blog post of my girlfriend very soon. Really enjoyed its monuments (except of “red star” kind), a lot of fountains, great zoo, cable way and other see-sights.