[Update for the 5/31/2011]* 
Here below is what I call “My design patterns table”. It has links to my explanation of 23 GoF design patterns that were initially published in 1994 in book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, that has changed the way people think about programming and applying standard solutions to common problems.
I tried to keep my examples of patterns very simple and in the way, that person reading example can build associations with real or close to real world situations. I also translated all of the examples into Ukrainian and at the moment in process of assembling small e-book. Hope you enjoy my examples.

Creational Patterns
Structural Patterns
Behavioral Patterns
Abstract Factory Adapter Chain of Responsibility
Builder Bridge Command
Factory Method Composite Interpreter
Prototype Decorator Iterator
Singleton Facade Mediator
Flyweight Memento
Proxy Observer
Template Method

*As of Jan 2010 this blog post has this at the beginning:
[One of the goals for this year is to familiarize with Java. To accomplish this I have two possilities. First
one is my Master Diploma work in which I’m going to significantly
improve calculations in Self-Organizing Maps with efficient usage of
concurrency in Java Second one is my decision to write my own all of the GoF Design Patterns. And as you guess I want do this with Java. Next
table represents collection of Design Patterns and will have links to
my posts on each of the Pattern. I will fill it soon, no doubts.]

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