Point 6 in my Where Do You Want to Be In a Year? is:

“Improve my English skills to have at least upper-intermediate strong level (according to my company graduating)”

Previous Level: Intermediate
Last year my level was evaluated as Intermediate, but since that time I had a lot of experience of communication with native speakers. So I was pure much sure that my language is improved. I requested reevaluation, which occurred last week.

How was it?
I’ve drank too much coffee before came for my reevaluation, so my voice was a bit hoarse. Not a plus.
We spoke a bit, I mentioned about that I requested this reevaluation and why do I need that. Then she gave me feedback and proposed me to pass some test.

Before test she said that my English level is not upper-intermediate definitely :( , and she explained why:
1) I repeated same words to much.
2) I do not use enough  adjectives.
3) My speech is not fluent.
For upper-intermediate my English should be fluent!

Exercise for me
When I speak I should think not only about what I speak, but also how I speak.

Current Level: Intermediate Strong

English courses
Also, I’m eligible  for English courses in my company, so I moved to upper-intermediate course. This means that course could improve my skills to that level, of course if I’ll be a good student. I really need this study, even if it will be taking some time. I know that to compel myself learning that alone will not succeed. I’ve decided that course will help me with this just fine.
I’m on the way to have desired level of English, so will learn hard to have
Future Level: Upper-Intermediate Strong

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