Hello my Dear Readers, this post is my 100-th blog post.
Almost 9 months past since I’ve posted my first words here. I went through different topics here. Starting with design patterns and different educational stuff (my master year), and finishing with different book reviews and tips on how to become successful.

But why do I need blog?

First of all I love blogging. It helps me feel that I’m needed in this world and that I bring something valuable to others. Also it takes me closer to my life goals. One of those is to become successful world known developer. And even if I’ll switch to some managing position in the future I will still be developer of my and people’s around lives.
Blogging keeps me concentrated on different topics I write about, helping me understand them better. I would bet that most of the software developers think that they know Gof design patterns, but when you ask them about main concepts they could list only obvious. Ask them to perform research over internet and create own example and bright understanding will come to their mind. Same things happen to me. It is just amazing how something could be clear after you wrote a blog post about it.
Sometimes I’ve been posting short quick tips. They could look useless, but when I come to the same problem I just go to my blog and see the solution. It happened to me few times, and I was really proud that I have this blog.
Blogging helps me stand out. My colleagues see that I do the best to keep in touch with new technologies and that I’m trying to self-improve. Sometimes it makes me sad when I see others being much more proactive and productive, as Scott Hanselman (blogging god?). I’m afraid that I could make someone upset because of my mood. On the other hand when I see those active people it drives me to become super active. I hope I help my coworkers in their passion to became famous.
Blogging increases my visibility. I’ve been asked few times for meetings outside of my company. Once it was about creating user group, finally it was created without me, but now I’m with those guys, doing some presentations for the best .NET UG in Ukraine ;). Few other times it were job opportunities but I did not leave my company, hope it was the right decision.
Finally, blogging pays off! Week ago I had performance appraisal and besides of my usual capabilities like result orientation and knowledge, my blog played evident role in how that meeting went. Now I have possibility to be Senior Developer in my company with higher salary, I hope :). But remember that it is not just your blog (aka. public visibility) to lead you to success. It is your hard work and attitude to things you do!
Be directed to your goal and move forward!

[2013-11-21 EDIT: some language corrections]

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