Dear Reader,

I always thought that it is important to keep track of things you are doing and also to have a plan so that you know where you are moving and where you want to be.

This is continuation of my year plan/report thread. I had similar plan for 2010, 2011 and for 2012. Completion of 2010 list was almost 100% successful, completion of 2011 list was less successful. 2012 list completion is somewhere in between. Both 2011 and 2012 greatly changed my life. Same is expected in the year 2013.

Here below is my resolution list for 2013

  1. The best thing which could happen
  2. Travel a lot
  3. Buy a car
  4. Ski high in the Alps
  5. Learn German for real A2
  6. Improve English fluency by applying more synonymous and idioms
  7. Perform well & keep being challenged at work
  8. Contribute to open source
  9. Deliver many technical presentations
  10. Extend social network at work & outside
  11. Write some web project
  12. Do programming in other languages than C#
  13. Take part in one or few programming contests
  14. Visit one or few conferences
  15. Improve blog quality
  16. Write at least 41 blog posts
  17. Increase community visibility
  18. Read as many books as I like
  19. Consistently do exercises
  20. Reach 2013 reputation at stackoverflow
  21. Earn 2013 euro outside

I tried to keep each point very concise therefore my list may be lacking some of SMART-iness, but in a light of high unpredictability for a long term it would be much easier to remember and follow such a plan.

What do you want to do in this year? Any good suggestions for me?

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