Year 2013 became life changing for me again being the 3rd year in a row, when I say this.

At the beginning of the year I knew that we are waiting for the baby. I decided on changing my job and approximately at the same time when my daughter was born I changed my job. Now I work for UN associated organization and I started working on something interesting – an offline capable web application written with EmberJs.

My plan for the year 2013 was quite extensive and had 21 items. I’ve achieved more than half of that but still much wasn’t done. Interestingly things not done are mostly skills related, which should probably keep me alerted.

Now a bit on each item.

The best thing which could happen. My daughter was born on 10th of June. Here are few pictures.



Now she occupies tons of my time. But it is not an excuse it rather has to be reason to do more!

Travel a lot. We definitely travelled a lot year. Because now we have small baby at home we are somewhat limited in distances we could travel. Thus year was mostly Austria explorative. My wife writes a blog post for each of our trips to different attractions.


Buy a car. I bought Ford Focus Traveller with big boot. Now we need one. It is diesel car so driver experience is somewhat different, but on other hand car proves itself great for long trips. Also I already took car for 5 times to Ukraine this year.
Ski high in the Alps. Not that I skied much this year. But I have a picture that proves that I skied high in Alps. Taken in Obertauern.

Learn German for real A2. I think I’ve failed here. No real need in communication in German. But I’ve attended A2 course so maybe I’ve learned something. At least for sure there is improvement when comparing to 2012.
Improve English fluency by applying more synonymous and idioms. Maybe. Now I work at UN where I have to collaborate with different people from all over the world in English, including native speakers. 
Perform well & keep being challenged at work. I’ve changed my work. Now I’m self-employed and work by contract for UN associated organization through the other company. I’m happy that I’m quite challenged now, mostly thanks to interesting project and Iraqian boss.
Contribute to open source. Fail. One gist doesn’t count.
Deliver many technical presentations. None delivered. Instead I performed quite few presentations to our users. I even had to wear suite.
Extend social network at work & outside. Mostly failure here. My exposure has changed now. I feel myself somewhat in very closed community of developers.
Write some web project. I do this now at work all days long.
Do programming in other languages than C#. Yes, now I mostly program in javascript.
Take part in one or few programming contests. Fail, except of some TC single round matches.
Visit one or few conferences. Fail.
Improve blog quality. Fail, since nothing has changed on this blog and post frequency is low.
Write at least 41 blog posts. Fail.
Increase community visibility. Fail.
Read as many books as I like. Well, this couldn’t have been a fail.
Consistently do exercises. Fail.
Reach 2013 reputation at stackoverflow. Fail.
Earn 2013 euro outside. Since now I’m self-employed and earn significantly much more than before. I would say that here I’ve oversucceeded here.

Generally it was very good year. I’m very happy because of my born daughter. She is great. Next year we will start learning programming and travel a lot together.

Unfortunately it is very likely that whatever I say is just like on the picture below:


Nevertheless, I wish you all


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