Again, not to break the tradition, here is my resolution for the year 2017.

  1. Start getting up at 6
  2. Run 40+ times; hike 3+ times
  3. Lead a project at work to success
  4. Teach dauther basics of  skiing and reading
  5. Travel Balkan countries
  6. Quit coffee and social media
  7. Read 24 books
  8. Write 24 blog posts
  9. Win a T-Shirt
  10. Make github green
  11. Learn something
  12. Buy something
  13. Enjoy the life

This list is rather cryptic and unconventional. As they say, it is not that “SMART” and I agree. Fortunately for me, I’m the boss of my life and this is how I would like to put it for this year.

The road on a picture below appears to be smooth and straight. There are some shadows and lots of light in the end. Also, I don’t know if the road is still there where the light is, do you?

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