DellStudioXPSI’m not only reading books & blogging about them. Of course these two things require lots of computer resources :), but I also do some programming and simply sit in front of my laptop, which sometimes requires much more resources, especially if sitting is virtual.

In blog post “My new Dell Studio XPS 16 (1647) laptop” I wrote “So looking at the pictures above it is seen that bottleneck of my new laptop is hard disk and memory speed. This means that when something will require accessing hard disk (loading something into memory, working with svn, etc) I will not gain performance. Sadly, but I can do nothing about this.”

Well, I can!




I think it is pretty much obvious what happened to my laptop. It got two presents from Amazon:

Samsung MZ-7PC256B/WW 256GB SSD (2,5’’, 256MB Cache, SATA 6.0Gbps)

Corsair PC1333 8GB (1333MHz, 204-polig, 2x 4GB) DDR3-RAM Kit

While 8Gb of memory and SSD it is not something that can surprise someone these days I feel very happy about my purchase and confident that current performance is enough for me at least for 1 year.

I’ve been thinking if it worth posting my journey of migrating to new hard drive, which includes screwdrivers, aches of system image restoring, backups in clouds and on my external 2Tb drive, ending with bullet points, aka. recommendations for you. But you are not stupid, and internet is full of this crap. Sometimes I’m just getting sick when watching primitive “unpack” videos on youtube, so I hope you didn’t get sick because of my post. I just wanted to share my happiness with you!

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